Growth strategies

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Learn how to successfully navigate the four strategic management challenges

This workshop will focus on one of the essential elements of your business’ success: The Strategist.


Evidence tells us that a solid strategy has the strongest correlation with organizational growth. Many leaders, however, focus on managing the present, preferring reactive and tactical decision-making over long term strategic thinking.

This approach can often lead to ineffective and inefficient resource usage, with effort expended on fulfilling the needs of today, rather than building for tomorrow. For competitive advantage to be achieved, SMEs and organizations more generally need to develop a cohesive response to the challenges they face, developing and orienting their capabilities and resources over the longer term to the resolution of these challenges.


Join Simon Raby and a cohort of fellow ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders of growth-oriented SMEs, for a deep-dive into the ingredients of growth strategies and how to successfully navigate the four strategic management challenges:


  • Orientation: What problem are we looking to solve?
  • Trade-off: How do we compete?
  • Relevance: What is our value proposition, and for whom?
  • Execution: How do we adapt?