ADVERSITY: Jamie Clarke

Main Stage

Introduced by: Michael Rochon | District Vice President Calgary South, Scotiabank

Between expeditions, Jamie founded the Out There Adventure Centre, a retail store in downtown Calgary and, a company ranked by Profit Guide as one of Canada’s 50 fastest-growing corporations and repeatedly nominated for National e-commerce Innovation Awards by Canada Post. In his role as CEO of, Jamie has led his team to the lofty heights of business success.

Jamie illuminates the complexity of challenges organizations and people face daily. His message challenges all of us to live a courageous life — and forces audiences to question and rethink where they are headed. Jamie’s approach is unvarnished candour about his experiences as a leader in today’s VUCA* business climate. It is real and refreshing; most definitely not for the faint of heart, or organizations seeking to maintain the “feel good” status quo.